Build Your New PC

Dreaming of a new gaming desktop computer? Are you looking for a new, efficient PC for your business? Then there’s nothing better than having a local service technician build your system. We are available whenever you have questions, at no extra charge and without waiting for a technician from India to answer the phone. Local repairs (in Southeast Texas) on the same day can be achieved only when your computer company is also local. We can build a new system, make sure everything is compatible, and test the new machine thoroughly before bringing it to you.

When you are ready to build a new desktop computer, we can assemble the system of your dreams. Call, text, or Email Us with your needs and desires, and we can give a quote and assemble the system you need. We will provide all parts AT COST, and only charge for the service of assembling and testing of the new system. We want to give you the system you deserve, at a price you can afford, because OUR dream is to give you YOUR dream!

If you are still thinking about what you need to get, here is a helpful hint from CDW Gaming Part Buying Guide. This list will help guide in knowing what parts you need, but this is not very specific. You can also use the following system building site to choose the parts and find out if they will work together in your system.

System Builder is a site that can help you not only pick the parts, but also price those parts and find compatible parts. But a word of warning, I have found that sometimes their compatibility is NOT accurate. Text or email us if you have questions about the compatibility of specific parts. View this parts picker page to find the parts you need for a new system.

Help is always available to complete your “Wish List” and build your dream system. We can give you a free estimate and guide you in the right direction, even if you just want to build your own computer without ever paying us a dime. We are here to help because we love computers and our customers.